This is an example of a standard roof top installation we completed in 2013 on a garage with a shingle roof. When doing a shingle roof installation we always use a shingle roof flashing over the L Foot.  This ensures that no moisture can reach the lag bolt penetration.

If you are looking to take advantage of the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) MicroFit contract, the following is a basic run down on the application process.

The first thing I advise people to do is contact their Hydro supplier to see if there is available capacity on their local feeder station.

If there is capacity, I encourage people to make an appointment to meet.

Downunder Solar can provide references from previously installed systems.

Site visits are available after your initial meeting with Downunder Solar Inc. This will allow us to fully assess your situation prior to providing a comprehensive quotation.  It is important to note that there are additional costs such as an Engineer's Report and  Structural Assessment which includes an engineered stamped Letter; building permit; Hydro Connection Fee which is usually paid directly to your Hydro company (by the homeowner).

The application process with the OPA and your Hydro provider will take place next.  If you have committed your business with Downunder Solar Inc., we will work through the application process with the homeowner.

Once the homeowner has  received all appropriate approvals,  the installation process can begin.

Once the system is installed it must be inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  Once the ESA has inspected and passed the installation, the Hydro company will install the microfit metre. At this time Downunder Solar Inc. will send the ESA certificate to the OPA then the homeowner receives their MicroFit contract.

The OPA MicroFit contract is currently paying 39 cents per kwh for power generated from your solar system (maximum system of 10kw). A 10 kw microfit system mounted on a South facing roof you can expect to earn between $4000 - $4500 income per year for a 20 year contract.   The cost to install solar systems has decreased considerably over the past 3 years when MicroFit contracts were paying 80 cents per kwh. Today, you can expect pay $30,000 to $35,000 plus tax for a turnkey system.

The Ontario MicroFit contract is still a very good investment, with an approximate 7 - 8 year payback.